Fallen Hero's Dream Ride Appearance Request

PLEASE READ: Due to our re-focusing our mission towards Dream Riders kid events and limited resources we are limiting truck appearances.  We ask for your understanding if we are unable to commit to your event.

The Fallen Hero’s Dream Ride memorial was created to educate and build awareness of the sacrifices our fallen military men & women have made. Our Memorial tribute was formed after the death of LCpl Phillip Vinnedge who was killed in action while serving in Afghanistan. Phillip was a member of the Weapons Company of the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, and was killed in action on October 13th, 2010.

Thank you for inviting Fallen Hero's Dream Ride to participate in your upcoming event. All funds that are raised for displaying our moving memorial go directly to supporting our Dream Riders events. Fallen Hero’s Dream Ride is a charity that was established in April of 2012. We are an all volunteer organization. Our purpose is to offer “Dream Riders” events for the Gold Star children and siblings that have lost a family member while serving in our military.

 We receive many requests to display our moving Memorial. American Legions, VFWs, and Military organizations take precedence over all other requests.  The following are a few of our guidelines.

 Donation: If the event is a fund raiser, we ask that Fallen Hero's Dream Ride/Dream Riders be one of the beneficiaries of any funds raised. These donations go directly to our Dream Riders events.

Travel: There may be a nominal donation required for gas and if an overnight stay is required that lodging be provided.

Sharing our story: We request that we be given stage or microphone time at your event to tell our story.

Parades: Currently we are only participating in parades that specifically support our military.

Commercial Use: Fallen Hero's Dream Ride is not used for promotion of any commercial business.

Weather: Fallen Hero’s Dream Ride is a memorial tribute susceptible to weather damage and therefore will not be displayed during inclement weather.

If your event meets the above requirements please fill out the ‘Appearance Request’ form below.

Fallen Hero’s Dream Ride will try to respond to all appearance requests submitted through our website within 48 hours. For additional information you may also call us at 636-344-0352 to discuss your upcoming event.


Please Read: Our Form Software is currently not compatible with the Firefox browser.  If after submitting the form you are not redirected to a confirmation page we did not receive your information. In this case you should resubmit the form using a different browser (I.E., Chrome, or Safari) or contact us at 636-344-0352636-344-0352.  We apologize for this inconvenience.

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